Meal Prepping


I generally do the majority of my food prep on a weekend day. It takes me hardly no time at all because I take advantage of my crockpot, toaster oven (oven during winter) and my vegetable steamer. On Wednesday, I cook a few more things up to have on hand for the rest of the week. 
Like anything in life, being creative and learning how to food prep takes time. You get better with practice. When I first started a few years ago, it would take me a whole day. Now, I've got it down to a science and it takes me one hour on the weekend and less than one hour on Wednesday. Keep in mind, I cook for two people! What's on the menu this week?
Stuffed taco peppers.
Zucchini pasta.
My version of healthy Chinese with riced cauliflower.
I let @jimcfsc cook our rice for the week, he's really good at it! 😂
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Emily Zwilling