Up for The Challenge


I have always been up for a challenge. One of my biggest problems was always been public speaking; this came about even as a small child. Every time I got nervous or felt uncomfortable, I would always start stuttering and trip over my words. It continued for me as an adult.
I have always looked up to and followed public speakers like Earl Nightingale, Les Brown and Tony Robbins. I first started practicing in front of the mirror, then my pups, then my husband. About two years ago, I put myself in front of a few small businesses. I have had a few failures and the sound of crickets from time to time, but it hasn't stopped me a bit. I recently have been asked to speak to multiple businesses.
It started with a dream, and that dream came to life through small actions daily. My dream is to travel the world and speak to groups about my realistic approach to health, life, fitness and motivation. I'm not scared to share my failures and my successes with others. After all, failure has paved my way to success.
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Emily Zwilling