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Worksheets & PDF Downloads

I don't want you to think that these 'worksheets' and downloads mean school is in session! This is meant to be helpful and act as a resource for you, not just add more to your to-do list.  I hope that these serve as references or guides to help you on your path to health & happiness!



Green light foods list

My Green Light's food list is a great place to start. I believe in bio-individuality meaning; what works for one person may be detrimental to another. But there are some foods that have amazing health benefits for everyone. If you would like a personalized food list, please email me directly here.


Macronutrient Guide

Macronutrient guide

Use this as your personal grocery shopping guide. This will help you to get creative in the kitchen. Get out of your comfort zone with foods and try something new!


50 Ways to a Healthier & Happier Life

50 ways to a healthier & happier life

You may have grown up learning that health is primarily about diet and exercise. But that is what I like to call secondary foods. Examples of primary foods, which I think come first when it comes to our overall health are sleep, stress, happiness, finances, relationships, etc. We all know that if we are not in the right place with these primary foods our health going to the waste side. Your diet and exercise could be on point, but if your sleep is low, you will not see results. Attached is a list of things to think about when it comes to creating a better life for health and happiness.