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EZ Wellness works with companies to create happier, healthier work environments that impact the employer-employee relationship, and your business as a whole.  Together, using company-specific initiatives such as on-site boot camps, weekly in-person check-ins and even group seminars, we will develop a wellness plan around your company goals.


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Why Invest In Your Employees?

As an employer, you have many responsibilities when it comes to taking care of your employees.  While wages and health insurance are top of mind, other factors (including company culture, morale, and environment) can greatly impact each employee’s mindset and productivity. 

From waistline inches lost to a happier, more productive work environment, my clients, and their employees will attest to the positive results and significant impact you can experience by integrating EZ Wellness into your organization's wellness plan or benefits program. 

People are your greatest asset.  Invest in them and they are more likely to invest in YOU and your business vision.  If this sounds interesting, it's time we talk.  

Questions?  Just want to learn more?  No pressure, no worries.  I'm here to help, but I can only do that if you take the first step!  Here is a simple form to fill out.  I will contact you back to start on your or your company's path towards health & happiness.

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Possible Side Effects of Working With EZ Wellness :

• Healthier Employees
• Reduced Insurance Costs
• More Positive Environment
• Increased Productivity

"As the director of our benefits program I hired Emily to come in and build a program that works for our employees. 

"What she has done is nothing short of amazing."

Those participating have learned to live better lives which translates into success both at work & at home."   

Laurie S.  |  Corporate Benefits Coordinator


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A healthier, happier, more confident YOU!

It’s not easy to change.  It can be even harder to face that change knowing it’s going to push you outside your comfort zone.  No one understands this better than me.  Hi, my name is Emily Zwilling, and I GET IT!
Never really exercised before?  I’ve been there. 
Don't look at nutritional labels, let alone know what the heck it means? This was me!
Avoid mirrors and social events that involve the word 'pool'?  I get it!

But I’m here today to help you see that change and progress ARE possible.

I’m asking you to put your faith in me and allow me to lead you along this journey as your teacher, partner, coach and friend.  I promise to do my best to motivate you, push you into new comfort zones, build confidence, and provide quality information and research to help you improve your WHOLE life. 
Your employer sees the value of investing in a Corporate Wellness Program, but now it’s up to YOU to invest in yourself.  I encourage you to sign up today!

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Not a Corporate Partner Employee?

No problem!  If your employer isn’t participating in an EZ Wellness Health & Wellness Plan yet, YOU can still start down the path through the EZ Academy! 


What You'll Get :

• Accountability

• Motivation

• Emotional Support

• Food / Nutrition Advice

• Workout Plans

• Resources to Read / Listen To

• Life / Productivity Tips & Tricks

• A Friend Who Understands.

"I decided to work with Emily because she has been where I am.  She had to work hard and make lifestyle changes to get where she is.  I find Emily’s advice to be relevant to my life and she treats me as a friend and not just a client."  - Candis F.

 I like that with Emily I can share my struggles, my steps and my successes with someone who truly cares.

Sarah M.  |  EZ wellness employee participant

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Hi. I'm Emily.

Wellness Coach, Nutritional Counselor, Speaker, CrossFit Gym Owner, Marilyn Monroe & Animal Lover,

The E in EZ 

Meet Emily Zwilling

Sometimes when you meet someone, you make a million assumptions.  I, Emily Zwilling, will likely not match those assumptions.  My goal is to rise above them and show you my true, authentic and real self. 

I am not your 'typical' trainer or nutrition professional.  As a child, I was never involved in sports and typically felt like a chubby outsider.  It took me a long time to find my motivation and the drive to become healthy.  Even then every damn fad diet, diuretic or magic pill lured me in.  You name it; I've tried it.  It took a long time for me to realize the truth of nutrition and exercise, but most importantly to believe in myself. See, I'm a real person with real struggles and my own backstory.  

That's precisely why I love the work I do through EZ Wellness.  I want to help people live better lives!  Today, I dedicate myself to helping people LIKE YOU along this path through simple, strategic change. I hope that I can help you too.  

XOXO - Emily


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While our full wellness programs are currently run through employers, I'd love to give you access to some of my favorite healthy resources and articles so that you too can lead a healthier, more awesome life. Simply fill out the form below and I'll add you to my newsletter list as well as give you access to part of the EZ Academy where you can download my FREE "Green Light Foods" Guide! 

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